Originally from a third generation Eastern Montana ranch family, Linda Short moved to Western Montana to pursue an education. While at Montana State University pursuing a double major in Graphic Design and Architecture, the love of her life, Bill had to move 8 hours away for work – after a year of living apart, they made the decision to put Linda’s education at MSU on hold.  So she joined her husband and traded Graphic Design and Architecture for a Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies.


Linda is a multi-talented artist who works in a wide variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, and scratchboard. Finding scratchboard was like putting the last piece in a puzzle – all the artistic challenges and endeavors came together – it satisfies the perfectionist – but at the same time one has to learn what has to be culled out.  Heavily influenced by the light, color, and forms of the western ranch life - both in terms of the land, animals and its people, Linda's work expresses her reverence for animals as powerful and stunning creatures. As an artist, Linda feels being a keen observer is as important as the tools with which those observations are rendered.  Linda is best known for her large works – most of these depict the magnificent beauty of the horse.


Linda worked as a paralegal, as the Exhibits Curator for The History Museum, and as a professional picture framer.  Her art pursuits have led to her interest in coaching for the Montana Artrepreneur Program (Montana Arts Council) where she helps other artists pursue their dreams.  But always at the center is ART.  Linda has garnered awards and placement in shows throughout the United States.


From rodeos to sitting beside a quite brook---Montana is my inspiration.


The four distinct seasons --- Spring brings renewal and bright colorful wildflowers to the mountains and valleys. Summer abounds with life in the forest, Fall turns the landscape crispy golden oranges, Winter brings the soft fall of snow with crisp snappy air and  gentle drifts marked by gray blue dancing shadows on the snow.


As a small child, horse of all kinds have sparked the magic in my soul. Looking across the prairie on our ranch the stallions head tosses wildly and the sun glitters across his muscles ... Oh to capture that!   The sheer power of the horse, its elegant beauty, the raw energy and motion.


Montana a great place to grow up and old in!



MARCH 2016

March 5 -31 - One of the featured artist's at Brighten Up Shop, Great Falls, Mt.



March 17-20, 2016

Thursday- Saturday 9am to 8pm; Sunday 9am to 2pm

Jay Contway & Friends Art Show

Hilton Garden Inn, Great Falls, MT



 Linda Short